The Parsons GEOSPATIAL Design Lab is a cross-school, cross-disciplinary platform focusing on research themes characterized as the most ‘wicked problems’ we face today, ranging from the local to the planetary scale.

By redefining technology-driven geospatiality as an organizing principle for interdisciplinary work, our projects and research connect the fields of systems and infrastructure design, environmental design, humanitarian design, and multiple other areas of inquiry. A Parsons-led vision of geospatiality re-imagines governance, re-situates the social sciences and design in a global landscape where infrastructure is inseparable from technology changes, and leverages emerging synergies between formerly isolated systems and disciplines. Our increasingly urbanized planet renders this project ever more urgent.

Geospatial design as a technology-driven practice is evolving rapidly, bringing the viewpoints and expertise of multiple formerly siloed practices together.  The GEOSPATIAL Lab is positioned across Parsons and The New School  to significantly contribute to the formation of conceptual bases for geospatial design as part of a new set of communication, collaboration and inclusive governance platforms. The GEOSPATIAL Lab works closely with Labs, Centers and Institutes throughout the university, as a hub in a dynamic network of research facing outward to serve multiple communities in NYC and beyond.

The GEOSPATIAL Lab connects Open Government research initiatives addressing multiple scales of operation: from urban systems in our megaregion to communications systems across the globe, the Lab builds tools for both researchers and endusers to visualize and analyze everyday life.

As a platform for ongoing initiatives launched by the Lab’s founding faculty members, the Lab incubates these projects and over time will expand to become a flexible space supporting experimental technologies for researching, evaluating and developing geospatial design, theory, research, and other technology initiatives within Parsons and across The New School.